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Saab Car Museum Anniversary Festival

(dit event wordt niet door Saab Club Nederland georganiseerd!: voor meer informatie en tickets kijk op de site van Saab Car Museum)


Dear Saabenthusiasts, 

On June 10:th 1947, Saab had the press conference in Linköping for the car project 92 at the restaurant “Terassen” and told the press that Saab plans for car production in the future alongside the aircrafts.  

The rest of the history we know well, and it resulted in nearly 4,6 million cars that created the famous Saab spirit around the world. And ten years after the end, the Saab spirit seems to be as strong as ever around the world! 

June 10-12, 2022 we invite you to Trollhättan for the celebration of 75 years of Saab Cars. 

The shop is open to buy festival tickets! You can buy them via Tickster on this link: https://secure.tickster.com/en/utfb1g2ab9le1yx/products

If you’re having problems with your purchase, please contact us at info@saabcarmuseum.se

Support the Saab Car Museum! Buy the festival passes! You collect them in front of the museum’s entrance when you arrive in a special “quick-lane” queue! 

This is a brief description of the planned program: 

Friday, June 10 

The Saab Car Museum is open 10.00-18.00 and offers the exhibition, unique seminars and we all get together! All restaurants in the area are open.

The Saab Fair will be located in Innovatumhallen, close to the Saab Car Museum, and will be open during the whole festival. It is open for businesses that works with parts & services for our Saabs and keeps them on the road!

Saturday, June 11

This is the big public day, and we fill the Innovatum area around the museum with our beloved Saabs! The Museum is of course open 10.00-18.00 and we offer even more Saab historic seminars! 

The availability of parking spots at the Innovatum area has been reduced compared to the previous years and we have decided to mix all categories of Saab cars that are present. The only exception is the Saab 92 cars that will be lined up in front of the museum. As a result of this, THERE WILL BE NO TRADITIONAL CONCOURS DE ELEGANCE THIS YEAR. It will be replaced by a smaller number of special prices. 

In the evening we will have a ceremony that includes the UrSaab and all Saab 92:s at the festival. We move from the museum to the Trollhättan city square… 

For Saab 92 owners that intends to participate at the festival, please e-mail peter.backstrom@saabcarmuseum.se for more detailed information.  

The oldest Saabs will be at the center of attention at the 75-year anniversary! 

Sunday, June 12

The Saab Car Museum is open 10.00-18.00. No seminars.

The main activity will be at the Kinnekulle Ring Racetrack, where you can test your Saab! We will also have the traditional Saab parts flea market at the same place.

The Saab Turbo Club of Sweden will take care of the practicalities for driving on the racetrack and more detailed information about rules, etc. will be published before the festival.

The Kinnekulle Ring racetrack is one of Swedens classic racing circuits and will be a nice activity finishing the festival.

More details about the program will be communicated on www.saabcarmuseum.com during the spring. Stay tuned.

The Organizing Committee 

Saab Car Museum, The City of Trollhättan, Svenska Saabklubben, Saab Turbo Club of Sweden and Club Sonett Sweden